Announcing a New Chapter: #WPLDN Partners with Mollie

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between the WordPress London Meetup (#WPLDN) and Mollie, a leader in efficient payment solutions. This partnership symbolises a commitment to supporting the WordPress community by enhancing the operational aspects of managing WordPress sites.

Mollie has revolutionised the payment industry for over two decades by offering secure, straightforward, and adaptable payment services. Their expertise in handling a diverse range of payment options is a significant asset to our community, particularly for those involved in eCommerce and online transactions.

Announcing a New Chapter: #WPLDN Partners with Mollie

In this partnership, Mollie will provide insights and expertise that can help our community members optimise their payment systems. The value lies in the knowledge and best practices that Mollie will share, particularly in seamless payment integration with WordPress plugins and ensuring secure transactions.

 Mollie is dedicated to supporting and giving back to the community. They love working with both developers and users. And as a community-focused company, they are dedicated to ensuring a great developer experience and being genuinely helpful. Their involvement will enhance our monthly sessions by providing expert speakers, hosting interactive workshops, facilitating Q&A sessions, and providing a platform for learning and discussion around the financial aspects of running a WordPress site.

We are excited about the potential this partnership brings to our community. It strengthens our educational offerings and provides a foundation for discussing topics crucial for anyone involved in eCommerce or managing online payments through WordPress.

Stay tuned for more information on how this partnership will unfold at our upcoming events. We are dedicated to enhancing the WordPress London Meetup as a learning, sharing, and networking hub. With Mollie’s support, we are better equipped to help our community navigate the complexities of online payments.

Thank you to all our community members for your continued enthusiasm and support. We look forward to this new partnership with Mollie and the opportunities it will bring to enhance our understanding and management of payment systems within WordPress.

Please visit Mollie’s website for more information about Mollie and their services. Additionally, join the Mollie developer community on Discord to connect with other developers and get support.

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