Testing the fortifications – Hack Yourself

So you’ve been to the security, that other security talk and that really scary one. You followed the advice, and you are feeling confident. Perhaps you have never been to a security talk let alone scary one but feel its time to at least find out how you stand. In this talk, Tim is going …

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Remote Working – Ask me anything

Jenny Wong presenting her talk Remote Working - Ask me anything

COVID has made many of us remote workers. Some of us have already been remote working, and for others, it is a new experience. Jenny has been remote working for 6 years and will be coming online to share her set up, habits, and answer any questions people have about making remote working more comfortable …

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Marketing your WordPress product or service

Matt Medeiros presenting his talk Marketing your WordPress product or service

The #1 challenge for most business owners is marketing. There’s no time, there’s no plan, and there’s no feedback. In today’s talk, we’ll simplify your marketing plan and get you started on the right path to reaching your audience.

Tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your WordPress website

Hannah Smith presenting her talk Tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your WordPress website

Did you know that the internet is thought to produce about the same carbon emissions as the aviation industry? And if the internet was a country it would be the sixth biggest polluter in the world. Shocking isn’t it? With nearly 35% of all websites being WordPress websites, as a community, we have a fantastic …

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Introduction To BigCommerce for WordPress

Male on screen presenting a talk

BigCommerce has a long history of eCommerce excellence. By building an API-based WordPress plugin, it is changing the way eCommerce is done in the WordPress ecosystem. This presentation will showcase some of the unique features of API-driven eCommerce as well as provide a demonstration of it in action.

Nine ways to make WordPress better with AI

David Lockie presenting his talk Nine ways to make WordPress better with AI

When we think about AI, it’s hard to tell hype from a genuine utility. In reality, AI is a bundle of over 25 different technologies, ranging from the ‘everyday’ to the cutting edge. This talk uses the blade of WordPress to slice through the hype and focus on practical, achievable ways to start leveraging AI …

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How I improved my sleep patterns with WordPress

The landscape of computing always changes, at the beginning webservers were found in the basements of companies, then in data centres, along came virtualisation and now cloud or serverless. A factual history but a boring discussion. As a pioneer of high availability websites for Sport including the Olympics, from a server in a house in …

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Migrating a site to and from WordPress

When should you move a site from one platform to another? If you do, how should you go about doing this? And what are the specific things to consider when a migration involves WordPress as either the old or new CMS? This talk will attempt to provide a concise answer to some of these questions …

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The future of WordPress (might be) headless

For a long while WordPress has been perceived by developers as an unexciting, legacy platform. But things are changing and lucky for us and our industry, WordPress is flexible enough to constantly stay in line with modern web dev trends. That is the case now with regards to the evolution of headless and static approaches. …

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