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What to Expect at WCLDN

A run through of what attendees can expect to find going on at WordCamp London 2018, which happens two weeks after the talk is presented.

No one said it would be _this_ hard…

The challenges of running a one-person business are many and varied.  The impact on my mental health caused by the isolation, the negative physical health implications from the lack of movement and the desire to grow in business health are just some of the reasons for me talking about WP&UP. A new non-profit supporting the …

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Tech support and community management

Communities — from close knit bands of commenters to busy international forums — are fun and engaging but the issues members have with the site and with each other require ongoing attention. In this talk, JJ will discuss the unexpected benefits of hands on tech support, advocate for prioritising interactions with members during the design …

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Preparing Your Plugin for a .org Release

How do you get a plugin onto the repository? What steps do you need to take? Are there any specific requirements? These are just some of the questions this talk, aimed at anyone who wants to push a plugin to the repository will answer. We will go through the steps you need to …

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10 Step Guide To Doing Your Own Thing (With WordPress)

I’ll share the 10 most important things I’ve learned since I started to use WordPress and the experiences faced in starting a WordPress-focused web development agency. I’ll share stuff on how focusing on a single path and managing your ideas, risks, fears and failures will make you better at what you do. I’ll also include …

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Happiness Bar – Dec. 2015

Looking for advise regarding WordPress?  Want to chat with the community about a concept you have?  Have an idea about a plugin but don’t know where to start?  Bring your questions (and advise) so we can share and learn from each other.

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