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We all live in a ‘gig’ economy.  But how should you work with freelancers to make sure you are all trading ethically?

Is it OK to find the cheapest person anywhere in the world and send them your stuff?  Are there ethical issues around fair wages?  Are there ethical and legal concerns about client data?  How to you deal fairly with copyright and software rights when working with an outsourced team?  How do you find your own way to something robust and resilient that you can be proud of?

In this engaging talk you will explore these issues and create your own ‘map’ of what chimes with your values and business plus get access to our Web Designers Guide to Ethical Outsourcing.

Presented by Annabel Kaye.  Annabel started her career in PR (non profit) before moving on to publishing and consumer law (Which? magazine) followed by advertising and HR.  She founded Irenicon in 1980 (an employment law and HR consultancy) and has spent the intervening years helping some of the largest organisations in the UK (and some of the smallest) sort out the people and employment law issues that come with change.  She founded KoffeeKlatch in 2009 specifically to support organisations outsourcing to freelancers.  Her practical expertise in outsourcing to VAs, web designers, bookkeepers, trainers and more, is a key part of her speakers story.  Follow her @annabelkaye

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