How I improved my sleep patterns with WordPress

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The landscape of computing always changes, at the beginning webservers were found in the basements of companies, then in data centres, along came virtualisation and now cloud or serverless. A factual history but a boring discussion.

As a pioneer of high availability websites for Sport including the Olympics, from a server in a house in Orlando in 2002, Sotic has lived through this time and has the war stories to tell. But what do these changes mean from a personal perspective, how does migrating improve employee wellbeing, reduce stress and enable a better environment for the company. What cost do these changes bring and why has WordPress played an integral part in our journey?

I will cover the migration Sotic took from our own hosting platform using another CMS to running WP on Cloud. The ups and downs, pain and sleepless nights and why some of the lessons learnt are as relevant for single agency owners using shared hosting to big multination WP sites.

I’ll talk about the positive reasons to find the right place to host your WP website. Why making the change has improved my staff wellbeing, their productivity and customer satisfaction. How WP helped and just by looking at this video you can see that the WP site (Six Nations) is faster than many others:

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