Franz Vitulli

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Franz works as a Product Manager at Human Made, a top-tier WordPress agency ( VIP partner) that provides development and consultancy for large-scale sites and enterprise clients, creates awesome products online, and runs its own line of events, so far based on the WordPress REST API and remote work.

Franz’s day-to-day life at Human Made consists of several activities, including product management / research / marketing, but also event strategy, agency sales, improving company processes, writing things up, and all things considered just getting stuff done. At WordCamp London, he leads the Communication team.

As an open source evangelist, WordPress enthusiast and remote work advocate, Franz loves sharing his knowledge and helping other people in the greater tech community succeed. He has spoken at fairly big events, as well as niche meetups with just a few people listening. He normally speaks about a wide range of topics, including product, communication, social media, productivity, writing. hiring, remote working, and user support.

Most recently, he jumped on the lifestyle blogging bandwagon with, a website about drinks and travel.

Outside of the WordPress ecosystem, he is a bass guitar player, has a Master’s Degree in Linguistics, is learning photography, and loves watching sports—notably rugby union, football, tennis, and MMA—as well as movies and TV series. When he’s not in front of his laptop, he’s either hitting the gym or enjoying a strong double espresso.

Chat with Franz on the UK WordPress community on Slack (@franz), and follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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