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Introduction To BigCommerce for WordPress

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BigCommerce has a long history of eCommerce excellence. By building an API-based WordPress plugin, it is changing the way eCommerce is done in the WordPress ecosystem. This presentation will showcase some of the unique features of API-driven eCommerce as well as provide a demonstration of it in action.

Developing for WordPress with WooCommerce

Introducing ways to use WooCommerce as a platform to build user experiences and business solutions that go beyond pure e-commerce/payment solutions in WordPress instances.

Test quick, Build smart, Be awesome

A lot of the time businesses are so focused on the big shiny thing at the end of a roadmap that nobody ever stops to question, is this the right thing? Is this something users want? Will this actually move the needle for the business? In this talk, Adam goes over failures, successes, and general …

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Splitting Shipping based on shipping class in WooCommerce

Up until WooCommerce 2.1, each order had to be shipped via a single method with a single price. This changed in 2.1 and WooCommerce now allows each package to be quoted and shipped individually. This means we can manipulate the basket and split the oredr based on the shipping method, then each package can be …

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Getting started with WordPress web apps

This talk will give you an introduction to using WordPress to build web apps. It will include: the difference between a web app and a responsive site using themes to create a web app from the same database as your main site WordPress plugins which help with web apps by Rachel McCollin

Introduction to WooCommerce

In this presentation I’ll show you how easy it is to set up an online store with WooCommerce. I’ll be building a store from scratch ‘live’ in only 20 mins. I’ll show you how to set up your shop, add products (simple, virtual, grouped, affiliate and variable), add product galleries, add sections to your shop, …

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