Tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your WordPress website

Hannah Smith presenting her talk Tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your WordPress website

Did you know that the internet is thought to produce about the same carbon emissions as the aviation industry? And if the internet was a country it would be the sixth biggest polluter in the world. Shocking isn’t it? With nearly 35% of all websites being WordPress websites, as a community, we have a fantastic …

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Why a greener web is good for everyone

The internet has huge potential to move us towards a sustainable future through dematerialising products and streamlining industries. Despite its many benefits though, it is not perfect. The storage, processing and transmission of data consumes electricity and that has an impact on the environment. The web may appear clean, but it has a real impact …

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NatWest 6 Nations Match Centre on WordPress

Following on from our work with the British & Irish Lions tour of 2017, Sotic were engaged to use WordPress as an enabling tool to deliver a new live match centre experience for the NatWest 6 Nations of 2018. The system brings together live statistics, live blogging, digital asset management and video in one live …

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The Joys and Hardships of Adding Cloud Services to WordPress

In this talk Nic will step through both the product and engineering challenges of tightly integrating a complex cloud services product with WordPress. At Bibblio we provide advanced machine-learning recommendations to a wide sector of the publishing industry. Surely this should include WordPress, the biggest publishing platform on The Internet. But how does one provide a …

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Scaling WordPress with containers

With the REST API in full swing, SPAs (Single Page Apps) are popping up all over the place, built using <insert JS framework here>. In this presentation, I will show you how to get a simple site using the WordPress REST API from local development, through to production on Kubernetes (with a demo, or two …

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Using AWS to super charge your WordPress site and scale to 100,000s of users

The talk will be about how to scale WordPress in Amazon web services and which plugins help you achieve this. The main aim is to let the audience know how to interoperate with cloud based services to really enhance their WordPress experience and achieve performance boosts but offloading core tasks to SaaS/PaaS/IaaS services where possible. …

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