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Word after word: my writing workflow

From blog posts to internal reports, reviews, documentations, business proposals or social statuses, there is a wide range of cases to write for. Whether you’re an accomplished writer or not, you need to have an established writing workflow in order to create better content with less resources. In this talk Franz will explain how he …

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You Can Do It – The Tools for Entrepreneurial Success

Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. Determination, tenacity and personality are the tools for entrepreneurial success.  Andy will take you on a journey culminating from start up to a hundred million pound turnover private commercial property development and investment vehicle.

Ethical Outsourcing for Web Developers / Designers

We all live in a ‘gig’ economy.  But how should you work with freelancers to make sure you are all trading ethically? Is it OK to find the cheapest person anywhere in the world and send them your stuff?  Are there ethical issues around fair wages?  Are there ethical and legal concerns about client data? …

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How to grow from a one-man-band into an agency

Taking the leap and loving it. Building a team, how, who and what to look out for Attracting and retaining great clients Selling professionally and effectively Avoiding bad clients Managing Projects effectively Developing a culture Celebrate the wins Learn from the mistakes

10 Step Guide To Doing Your Own Thing (With WordPress)

I’ll share the 10 most important things I’ve learned since I started to use WordPress and the experiences faced in starting a WordPress-focused web development agency. I’ll share stuff on how focusing on a single path and managing your ideas, risks, fears and failures will make you better at what you do. I’ll also include …

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Fired Up For Business

Your energy and productivity are crucial for business success. Health is fundamental to your energy and productivity. • Feel like you’re living in the fast lane? • Energy levels on the floor? • You’re surviving rather than thriving? Rachel demystifies the mire of confusion about health, and shares her own “4 Pillars of Vitality” that …

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Crossing the bridge from corporate comfort to start-up solitude

Corporate life does not prepare you for the day you set out on your own.  For many creating a new business or consultancy whether by choice or no choice is a frightening leap into the unknown. Quentin talks about the highs and lows of being your own boss.  In particular, he tackles the unique start-up challenges of: …

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Learn more than the average Web Developer

Steve is going to teach the 10 things that people MUST know BEFORE they Build a Website.  It’s focused around the strategy and covers the following 10 topics: Steve will also explain how Web Design is Dead and how WordPress specifically has created a new industry and why its important to understand the foundation …

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