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Remote Working – Ask me anything

Jenny Wong presenting her talk Remote Working - Ask me anything

COVID has made many of us remote workers. Some of us have already been remote working, and for others, it is a new experience. Jenny has been remote working for 6 years and will be coming online to share her set up, habits, and answer any questions people have about making remote working more comfortable …

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Marketing your WordPress product or service

Matt Medeiros presenting his talk Marketing your WordPress product or service

The #1 challenge for most business owners is marketing. There’s no time, there’s no plan, and there’s no feedback. In today’s talk, we’ll simplify your marketing plan and get you started on the right path to reaching your audience.

Introduction To BigCommerce for WordPress

Male on screen presenting a talk

BigCommerce has a long history of eCommerce excellence. By building an API-based WordPress plugin, it is changing the way eCommerce is done in the WordPress ecosystem. This presentation will showcase some of the unique features of API-driven eCommerce as well as provide a demonstration of it in action.

How I improved my sleep patterns with WordPress

The landscape of computing always changes, at the beginning webservers were found in the basements of companies, then in data centres, along came virtualisation and now cloud or serverless. A factual history but a boring discussion. As a pioneer of high availability websites for Sport including the Olympics, from a server in a house in …

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Small achievable actions lead to big change

How can you grow your business and achieve your dreams? You may have a range of failed projects or ideas that you never perused. In this talk, Lee shares how he’s been able to grow his business and personal brand in the WordPress space by going against the “hustle” and “hack” mentality. He has created …

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Butterfly Niche to Sell More

In this talk, Mike is going to outline the 3 step process for defining a niche, raising your prices and identifying new profitable opportunities with both new and current customers. 2020 will be the most competitive year ever for WordPress, agencies and digital creatives. With more competition entering the market than ever and lowering of …

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Scale your agency by selling a product, not a service

Services business are difficult to scale. There are a lot of meetings with clients, learning about their business, writing proposals (and discussing them), deciding a strategy and executing the work for them. Writing proposals and discovery meetings are two of the biggest bottlenecks for service-based companies. That’s a lot of effort just to have a …

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Managing multiple clients while scaling big

The importance of building processes for scaling the agency. From lead generating processes to client management when hiring a team and working on multiple projects at the same time. The talk will be focusing on the main processes for the 5 parts of any growing business:Sales Service Put out fires Plan Build Through these 5 …

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