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Philip John

AMP at the speed of live

For years, the Liveblog plugin has been the go-to solution for WordPress sites looking for a live coverage tool to deliver fast updates to visitors. In this talk we’ll learn how and why Liveblog was enhanced with the added support of the Accelerated Mobile Pages technology to deliver live coverage even faster via WordPress.

Mark Sta Ana

Gatsby and WordPress: Keeping it Cheap and Staying in Touch

This will be a live demo, where we use a free blog and use it to create content for a static site using Gatsby. We’ll use Netlify to host the site for free. Finally, we’ll show how you can automatically rebuild the site when you publish a new post on WordPress.

This is not another “let’s get rid of WordPress talk”, this is a way to demonstrate to clients the versatility of WordPress and it can be integrated with the cutting edge technology based around the JAM (JavaScript, API and Markup) stack.

Diane Wallace

Promote Your Business Through Public Speaking

With the likes of WordCamp London 2019 and many other open-source events currently looking for speakers, developing your public speaking skills offers an opportunity to promote your business and share your experiences with the global WordPress community.

This will be an interactive workshop looking at the initial application process, enabling you to succeed from the start. Getting your speaker application right is the first step to getting in front of an audience.

Mark Wilkinson

Transitioning to a block-based editor in a pre-Gutenberg world

How do we move towards a block-based admin UI in a pre-Gutenberg WordPress?

With the rise of page builders and ‘block-based’ layouts, and the imminent arrival of Gutenberg – WordPress’ new block-based editor – we needed a solution for transitioning towards this new way of editing content while sticking with the mature and stable technology stack that we know and love.

We, therefore, set out to find another solution and this led to the development of the HD ACF Blocks plugin that we use on most sites today.

This talk introduces the plugin, how we built it, how it works, and how it provides value to our clients and our business.

Alex Denning

Marketing channels, and how to think about marketing your WordPress business

Having the right marketing channels for your WordPress business is the difference between having a thriving WordPress business, and a struggling one.

You can make a great product or service, but if you’re not able to effectively get it in front of people who need and will pay for it, that’s no use. The difference can be choosing the right marketing channels.

This talk will explore what marketing channels are, the “channel philosophy”, and how to pick the right channels. I’ll aim to give you a clear framework on how to think about marketing your WordPress business 🙂

Chris Brosnan

Developing for WordPress with WooCommerce

Introducing ways to use WooCommerce as a platform to build user experiences and business solutions that go beyond pure e-commerce/payment solutions in WordPress instances.

Tom Greenwood

Why a greener web is good for everyone

The internet has huge potential to move us towards a sustainable future through dematerialising products and streamlining industries. Despite its many benefits though, it is not perfect. The storage, processing and transmission of data consumes electricity and that has an impact on the environment. The web may appear clean, but it has a real impact on climate change and its impact is growing as our hunger for data accelerates.

The good news is that there are simple things that we can do about it, and contrary to what some may think, a green website can actually be a better website for everyone. Approaching web projects through the lens of sustainability can have benefits not just for the environment, but also in terms of improved SEO, accessibility, user experience and even cost savings.

We’ll look at some practical steps to green the web and the benefits that they bring.

JJ Jay

What I do when I don’t know what I’m doing

Many projects I do require knowledge that I don’t have. Yet. With a standard technical approach and the willingness to plough through the discomfort of being in over my head, these projects are not only fun but also great learning experiences and have been (thus far) successful. This talk is a pep talk, a “you can do it” talk and, I hope, the boost someone needs to to start something they were too scared to try.

Keith Devon

Tales from 10 years in the WordPress community

It’s been 10 years since Keith pressed the big red ‘Start this meetup’ button and WordPress London was born.

That was the start of an amazing journey, both professionally and personally.

Keith will talk about what it was like to build WPLDN into a 1500+ strong meetup, the trials and tribulations along the way, what made him fall out of love with the WordPress community, how he fell back in love again, and the transitions from a freelancer to a small-agency owner.

It’s been a roller-coaster. Come along for the ride!

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