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Gary Jones

What to Expect at WCLDN

A run through of what attendees can expect to find going on at WordCamp London 2018, which happens two weeks after the talk is presented.

Dan Drave

NatWest 6 Nations Match Centre on WordPress

Following on from our work with the British & Irish Lions tour of 2017, Sotic were engaged to use WordPress as an enabling tool to deliver a new live match centre experience for the NatWest 6 Nations of 2018.

The system brings together live statistics, live blogging, digital asset management and video in one live experience meeting on demand high spikes of traffic in a multi-lingual environment.

Nic Young

The Joys and Hardships of Adding Cloud Services to WordPress

In this talk Nic will step through both the product and engineering challenges of tightly integrating a complex cloud services product with WordPress. At Bibblio we provide advanced machine-learning recommendations to a wide sector of the publishing industry. Surely this should include WordPress, the biggest publishing platform on The Internet. But how does one provide a clean experience that feels like WordPress when the vast majority of the heavy lifting is happening off-site on our API? What kind of UX challenges arise from a workflow complicated by distributed systems?

David Lockie

How Blockchain is going to disrupt Digital Marketing

David will take a look at how blockchain is starting to disrupt the digital marketing sector and show specific examples and trends. How will cryptocurrency change advertising? What can we learn about acquisition from ICOs? How does changing the fundamental economies of digital change the way people and organisations behave online?

Graham Armfield

Useful Accessibility Tools

A look at a selection of some useful free tools that help ensure accessibility of websites. The tools are browser extensions and WordPress plugins. Many are designed for testing for certain aspects of accessibility, but some can actually improve the accessibility of WordPress (and other) websites.

The session will contain many live demos to illustrate how the tools can be used.

Adam Flint

Test quick, Build smart, Be awesome

A lot of the time businesses are so focused on the big shiny thing at the end of a roadmap that nobody ever stops to question, is this the right thing? Is this something users want? Will this actually move the needle for the business?

In this talk, Adam goes over failures, successes, and general lessons learned over his career to date in publishing about testing hypotheses, engaging with users and bringing stakeholders along the journey. The technical restrictions and expectations that can come from that, and pitfalls to avoid will be discussed.

Edmund Turbin

Production Ready WordPress

It is common practice to move code through a series of servers in a multi-tiered development workflow. This talk will discuss best practices for deployment from local development environment to production servers. We’ll dive in to see how to push changes from collaborative version control tools to build, deploy and deliver WordPress. Learn basic concepts around deployment, testing and dependency management and see how it all ties together.

Dan Maby

No one said it would be _this_ hard…

The challenges of running a one-person business are many and varied.  The impact on my mental health caused by the isolation, the negative physical health implications from the lack of movement and the desire to grow in business health are just some of the reasons for me talking about WP&UP.

A new non-profit supporting the WordPress communities mental, physical, code and business health:

Craig Willis

Scaling WordPress with containers

With the REST API in full swing, SPAs (Single Page Apps) are popping up all over the place, built using <insert JS framework here>. In this presentation, I will show you how to get a simple site using the WordPress REST API from local development, through to production on Kubernetes (with a demo, or two mixed in), that scales.

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