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Chris Brosnan

Migrating a site to and from WordPress

When should you move a site from one platform to another? If you do, how should you go about doing this? And what are the specific things to consider when a migration involves WordPress as either the old or new CMS? This talk will attempt to provide a concise answer to some of these questions from a planning, implementation and review perspective in terms of project management, coding, and database administration.

Miriam Schwab

The future of WordPress (might be) headless

For a long while WordPress has been perceived by developers as an unexciting, legacy platform. But things are changing and lucky for us and our industry, WordPress is flexible enough to constantly stay in line with modern web dev trends. That is the case now with regards to the evolution of headless and static approaches. There are a number of easy and complex options available to WordPress website owners to help them bring their sites into the modern Jamstack era. Let’s explore them!

Tristan Griffiths

Productivity In Copy Creation: Blogs, Social Media & More

Ever find yourself struggling to write your own copy, or getting it from your clients? Have you been asked, and even been tempted to handle social media for clients?

In just 30 minutes we will break down how to get past yours and your client’s blocks to create compelling copy that really gets results.

Sharing ItsNomad9’s proven system for getting information out of your’s or your client’s heads, down in writing, systemised and syndicated across a range of mediums including websites, and a wide variety of social media platforms.

The outcome of this talk is that you will no longer struggle to come up with ideas or to turn them into the compelling copy in your own unique style and voice.

This system will also help you to stay consistent in writing blogs, creating marketing and promotional copy & posting regularly to your various social media platforms.

The best part is, you already have everything you need to start implementing this straight away, in the room!

Andrew Palmer

Being your best self under pressure

In this talk, Andrew will give examples of extreme pressure whether self-inflicted or customer-centric or even with colleagues. He will so give some techniques that he has used over the past 30 years in business and in general life.

Chris Brosnan

Scaling Effectively with WordPress

One of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that it does not scale well and is only for small sites. This assumption is untrue, but it exists because of wider misconceptions about the use of WordPress and its purpose. With good planning and consideration before and during a WordPress project’s lifecycle, we can ensure that the project scales well and has the flexibility to add new features without too much scope creep or performance impact. By avoiding waste, using coding standards, and adopting a serious software development mindset to WordPress projects it is easy to build WordPress sites that will scale effectively.

Ronald Gijsel

4.5 ways to sell more with WooCommerce

With a few simple steps and spreadsheets, you will get the idea of how you can increase your revenue for your WooCommerce store. We’ll look at order frequency, average order value and the return of the customer… There are so many ways to action this but in 10 minutes we will run through a few examples that require no or very little investment to get started.

Louise Towler

Top ten tips to boost website rankings in Google

There are many Search Engine Optimisation tips that are considered to be great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practice and will remain relevant for years to come. These are straightforward to implement and are usually the first things we check when we build or inherit at a website. If you implement these tips correctly you should see an improvement in the ranking and traffic.

Lee Jackson

Small achievable actions lead to big change

How can you grow your business and achieve your dreams? You may have a range of failed projects or ideas that you never perused.

In this talk, Lee shares how he’s been able to grow his business and personal brand in the WordPress space by going against the “hustle” and “hack” mentality. He has created a system for success that his 13-year-old daughter can follow and his 53-year-old best friend.

The moral of the tortoise and the hare is surprisingly true! If you are impatient to achieve success, this talk is for you.

Piccia Neri

Visual perception and memory: how to win on the web with better visual communication

We all know that 3 seconds is all it takes to lose the attention of visitors to our web pages. But there’s hope yet! We can all win on the web by leveraging the brain’s strengths and limitations. An understanding of how the human brain processes visual information can greatly help us win our visitors over and keep them where we want them, instead of losing them to cyberspace.

By knowing how the brain (and people!) interpret visual language, we can create designs and graphics that communicate clearly and are effective on a cognitive as well as an emotional level. This will lead to better UX and better sales for our clients. This talk gives a brief introduction to this fascinating topic, with practical, actionable examples accompanying the theory.

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