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David Waumsley

Why I’m going to stop selling WordPress websites

This will be about my journey and reluctance to go into building client website with WordPress. About the problems I had when I did and how I have started to find a way that is working for me.

In a friendly way, I’ll be challenging (or thought flipping) many accepted wisdoms and processes used when dealing with web clients.

With the ever accelerating speed of change online (even within WP with Gutenberg) Is it time now to be “selling” long term support (and training) services with websites as an addon to these?

Gary Jones

Introduction to Using Coding Standards in Your WordPress Project

Aimed at those who have never really looked into coding standards, Gary will give a broad overview to what coding standards are, how they apply in WordPress, what tools there are to check and fix violations and how you can integrate this within your workflow.

Adam Tomat

Supercharging WordPress Development in 2018

Towards the end of 2015, Rareloop launched their WordPress starter theme Lumberjack, which built on open source tools such as Bedrock and Timber. We wanted to move Lumberjack forward inline with everything we have learnt over the years of using it – which meant completely re-writing it from the ground up. The new Lumberjack is now stable and ready for use!

This talk is aimed at anyone involved in working with WordPress, regardless of how technical you are. The beauty of Lumberjack is that you can use as much or as little as you like, so whether you’re new to web development or a seasoned software engineer there will be something here for you.

Dan Maby

Open Q&A Session

This is an opportunity for you to bring those unanswered questions you may have about WordPress, whether that’s the business of WordPress, the development side, maybe you want to know more about contributing or need to get to the bottom of how to get yourself setup? We’ll cover a wide variety of topics.

Gabe Karp

Designing the Content Creation Experience

WordPress is being used in increasingly complex settings, powering everything from websites, to apps to content distribution services. As the need for complex workflows increases to support this range of use cases, it becomes more and more important to make sure that we are designing and building the right experience for content creators and editors. We’ll look at how the Press Association and 10up have taken a UX first approach to the challenges faced by the PA editorial team. We will show examples of UX research and design through to implementation of how 10up and PA tried to tackle some of the challenges of working with WordPress in a complex environment. This will not be a technical talk.

Alessandro Giordo

SSR using WordPress API with VueJS and Nuxt

Alessandro will talk of his experience building production ready websites using Nuxt (a VueJS SSR framework) interfacing with WordPress REST API.

Anthony Budd

All-in-one GDPR

We’ll be looking at the development process and the problems solved by our compliance toolkit to help your WordPress site comply with each aspect of the new European GDPR data protection regulations.

Ana Silva

An Open Q&A with the WordCamp London Team Lead

Ever wondered what goes into organising a WordCamp? In this interview Ana Silva, the lead organiser for WordCamp London, will answer questions and shed some light on just what it takes to organise an open, inclusive and accessible event for over 600 WordPress enthusiasts.

John Blackbourn

WP-CLI: An Intro and Interesting Use Cases

WP-CLI is the command line interface for WordPress. In this talk, John will introduce the core concepts of WP-CLI, talk about how to use it to manage your websites, and cover a few interesting use cases for it.

If you’ve never heard of WP-CLI, or you’re an experienced user, hopefully there will be something of interest for you in this talk.

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