Productivity In Copy Creation: Blogs, Social Media & More

Ever find yourself struggling to write your own copy, or getting it from your clients? Have you been asked, and even been tempted to handle social media for clients? In just 30 minutes we will break down how to get past yours and your client’s blocks to create compelling copy that really gets results. Sharing …

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Being your best self under pressure

In this talk, Andrew will give examples of extreme pressure whether self-inflicted or customer-centric or even with colleagues. He will so give some techniques that he has used over the past 30 years in business and in general life.

Scaling Effectively with WordPress

One of the most common misconceptions about WordPress is that it does not scale well and is only for small sites. This assumption is untrue, but it exists because of wider misconceptions about the use of WordPress and its purpose. With good planning and consideration before and during a WordPress project’s lifecycle, we can ensure …

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4.5 ways to sell more with WooCommerce

With a few simple steps and spreadsheets, you will get the idea of how you can increase your revenue for your WooCommerce store. We’ll look at order frequency, average order value and the return of the customer… There are so many ways to action this but in 10 minutes we will run through a few …

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Top ten tips to boost website rankings in Google

There are many Search Engine Optimisation tips that are considered to be great Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) practice and will remain relevant for years to come. These are straightforward to implement and are usually the first things we check when we build or inherit at a website. If you implement these tips correctly you should …

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Small achievable actions lead to big change

How can you grow your business and achieve your dreams? You may have a range of failed projects or ideas that you never perused. In this talk, Lee shares how he’s been able to grow his business and personal brand in the WordPress space by going against the “hustle” and “hack” mentality. He has created …

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Butterfly Niche to Sell More

In this talk, Mike is going to outline the 3 step process for defining a niche, raising your prices and identifying new profitable opportunities with both new and current customers. 2020 will be the most competitive year ever for WordPress, agencies and digital creatives. With more competition entering the market than ever and lowering of …

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Scale your agency by selling a product, not a service

Services business are difficult to scale. There are a lot of meetings with clients, learning about their business, writing proposals (and discussing them), deciding a strategy and executing the work for them. Writing proposals and discovery meetings are two of the biggest bottlenecks for service-based companies. That’s a lot of effort just to have a …

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